Fitness Memes As Full Time Work (with Chalk Llamas)

Today we’re talking to Griffin and Jarika Shaffer, the husband/wife duo behind fitness meme (mostly CrossFit meme) producer Chalk Llamas. We chat about not taking fitness or lifting too seriously, sourcing ideas for memes in the dustiest corners of the most mysterious gyms, and how Griffin turned a love of digital humor into a full-time gig making memes for CrossFit Inc. 

It’s the strength meme story just crazy enough to be true. 

Chalk Llamas on the BarBend Podcast

On this episode of The BarBend Podcast, host David Tao talks to Chalk Llamas about:

  • The story behind one of Instagram’s biggest fitness meme accounts (1:34)
  • Selling second-hand, rejected memes (4:50)
  • Turning memes into a full-time job with CrossFit HQ (5:30)
  • Why the gym is such a ripe environment for humor (8:30)
  • What do CrossFitters, powerlifters, and weightlifters have in common? (12:10)
  • The most meme-able CrossFit Games event (20:30)

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