The Best Greens Powders For Digestion, Fiber, Value, and More

Discover which greens powders can help with your daily vitamin and nutrient intake.

Expert Verified By: Gianna Masi, RDN, CISSN
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Chugging a glass of green vegetable powder isn’t always pleasant, but it may be one of the most effective ways to enhance your vitamin and nutrient intake. Greens powders are often made of dried leafy greens and other vegetables, grasses, fruits, herbs, seaweed, and sometimes even probiotics and digestive enzymes. But before you trade in your multivitamin for greens powders, you should ask yourself a couple of questions. Namely, are greens powders worth the money? And if they are, then which greens powder is the best for me?

After testing dozens of the best-selling greens supplement brands (as well as the underdogs that maybe don’t sell as well as they should), we’ve determined which of them are worth your money and which are about as effective as drinking soil. In addition to a list of the best greens powders, we explain their benefits and how they might affect your daily nutrition. 

Best Greens Powders

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Best Greens Powder Video Review

Get a closer look at our experience with our top picks for greens powders in our video review, done by BarBend’s one and only Nutrition Editor, Nick English.

Best Greens Powder Overall

To pick the best greens powder overall, we considered several factors: micronutrients, phytonutrients, adaptogens, and ingredients for digestive health. 

Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily

Athletic Greens is a nutrient powerhouse. One serving provides 700 percent of your daily Vitamin C, and 100 percent or more of most B vitamins (including B12), K2, and zinc. It also has the antioxidants of twelve servings of vegetables, 7.2 billion probiotic bacteria, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, and even ingredients linked to mental health, like Rhodiola Rosea and ashwagandha. The downside, though, is that a lot of those ingredients are wrapped up in blends, so you don’t really know the exact proportions of what you’re getting. 

Athletic Greens
Athletic Greens
Athletic Greens

This nutritious greens powder is NSF certified for sport and includes 75 absorbable ingredients and is free of gluten, sugar, dairy, eggs, and nuts. It is compatible with vegan, keto, and paleo diets.

Who Should Buy Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily

  • People who like greens powders for the digestive benefits: The probiotic bacteria and digestive enzymes in this formulation have some interesting links.
  • Those who take greens for their antioxidant content. There’s a huge variety of ingredients known for their antioxidant content here, such as spirulina, wheatgrass juice powder, and chlorella.
  • Customers in the market for adaptogens that might help with stress levels. The Rhodiola Rosea and ashwagandha, in particular, are often used for this.
  • Athletes — Athletic Greens is NSF Certified for Sport®, meaning it contains what it says it contains and has been tested to be free of banned substances.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily

  • Those who prioritize transparency: Many of the ingredients are in proprietary blends, making it tough to know the exact amount of each component you’re consuming.
  • Those looking for inexpensive greens. This one is pretty pricey, though it’s worth noting the cost drops if you sign up for a monthly subscription.

We’ve tried dozens of greens supplements, and Athletic Greens ticks the most boxes, consisting of a huge variety of healthful ingredients that may affect the body in myriad beneficial ways. 

Best Greens Powder for the Money

The cost of greens powders can add up — fast. If you want to prioritize this supplement, there are budget options available.

Jacked Factory Greens Surge

For being the cheapest powder on our list, Jacked Factory Greens Surge delivers 535.26mg of a probiotic and inulin blend, 150mg of digestive enzymes, and 500mg each of spirulina powder, spinach leaf powder, collards leaf powder, wheatgrass powder, and apple fruit powder. In addition, you’ll find broccoli head powder, parsley leaf powder, barley grass powder, and green tea leaf extract. A plus to this product’s label is that it lists out the individual amounts of each greens powder while some greens powders only list greens blends on their labels. Plus, this powder comes in Sour Apple, Mixed Berry, and Unflavored varieties. 

Jacked Factory Green Surge
Jacked Factory Green Surge
Jacked Factory Green Surge

Jacked Factory Greens Surge delivers 535.26mg of a probiotic and inulin blend, 150mg of digestive enzymes, and 500mg each of spirulina powder, spinach leaf powder, collards leaf powder, wheatgrass powder, and apple fruit powder.

Who Should Buy Jacked Factory Greens Surge

  • If you want to save cash while reaping all the benefits of greens powders, you’ll like the price tag on this product.
  • Focusing on digestive health? This has both probiotics and digestive enzymes. 
  • If you value transparent labels, this product lists out the different amounts of each individual greens powder on its label. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Jacked Factory Greens Surge

  • If your focus is antioxidants, the specifics are not provided about the antioxidant content.
  • People looking for liver support in their greens will want to look for a product that contains milk thistle, which Jacked Factory does not have. 

Many cheap greens powders give you wheatgrass and a nutrition label with nothing on it, but Jacked Factory pulled through with a huge range of ingredients and a surprisingly tasty flavor.

Best Tasting Greens Powder

It’s no secret that many greens powders taste…earthy. And if you hate the taste, you’re never going to drink the stuff. This pick, however, has a great taste, masking the greens flavor almost entirely.

Jacked Factory Green Surge

We thought Jacked Factory tasted the best of all the powders we tried. It leans on sucralose and natural flavors to produce an actually enjoyable drink that comes in Lemon Lime, Mixed Berry, Sour Apple, and Mint Chocolate. We found ourselves sipping and savoring it, which isn’t something we’ve been able to say about some of its competitors. Plus, it provides 13 superfoods, 535mg of probiotic bacteria, and 150mg of digestive enzymes. It’s worth noting that this product is not free of artificial sweeteners, and it does contain wheat — so if you’re gluten-free you may want to opt for a different pick on this list. 

Jacked Factory Green Surge
Jacked Factory Green Surge
Jacked Factory Green Surge

Jacked Factory Greens Surge delivers 535.26mg of a probiotic and inulin blend, 150mg of digestive enzymes, and 500mg each of spirulina powder, spinach leaf powder, collards leaf powder, wheatgrass powder, and apple fruit powder.

Who Should Buy Jacked Factory Green Surge

  • Anyone tired of opening up a greens powder to find a product that tastes like dirt.
  • Those who want a well-rounded greens supplement. It doesn’t just taste great. Jacked Factory Green Surge is full of vitamins, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. 
  • If you prefer mixing your greens with water (rather than within a smoothie), the flavors here are ideal on their own. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Jacked Factory Green Surge

  • If you object to the artificial sweetener sucralose, you’ll want to pass.
  • Those following a gluten-free diet should opt for a different product as this one contains wheat. 

With multiple tasty flavors to choose from, Jacked Factory’s effective greens powder offers not only great flavor, but 13 superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, as well. 

Best Greens Powder for Energy

Drinking a greens powder first thing in the morning can help set you up with the energy you need for the rest of the day. This product’s maca root extract may be particularly ideal for those seeking this energy boost. 

Legion Genesis Greens Powder

While no greens powder is going to be a cure-all for a lack of energy, it doesn’t hurt to have helpful ingredients when it comes to fighting off fatigue. Maca root extract can help increase your energy, and this product contains 1.5g of maca root extract. 

You’ll also find 3g of reishi mushroom (which can help with brain, liver, and kidney health, as well as immunity and blood glucose levels), 3g astragalus membranaceus and 1.25g of dong quai root (to potentially boost immunity), and 5g of spirulina (which may improve cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, and lower blood pressure). This unique ingredient profile focuses on organ health, energy, and well-being more than your average greens powder, which is why it takes our top slot for energy.

Legion Genesis Greens Powder
Legion Genesis Greens Powder
Legion Genesis Greens Powder

This greens powder contains 5g of spirulina, 3g of reishi mushroom, 3g of astragalus membranaceus, 1.25g of dong quai root, and 1.5g of maca root extract. It comes in two flavors — Original and Acai Berry — which are both naturally sweetened and flavored.

Who Should Buy Legion Genesis Greens Powder

  • People who want a greens powder that can potentially help them maintain higher energy levels throughout the day. They’ll like the maca root extract here.
  • Anyone who wants a more unique ingredients list will like this innovative and well-formulated blend from Legion. 
  • Folks who want to focus on organ health should appreciate that the reishi mushroom in this formula can help with brain, liver, and kidney health. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Legion Genesis Greens Powder

  • People who want a more traditional list of greens in their greens powder. 
  • Folks who want more than two flavors to choose from will want to look elsewhere. 

While this greens powder can also help with brain, kidney, heart, and liver health, its maca root extract can be particularly key in boosting energy levels for those who want a supplement that may help them fight off fatigue throughout the day. 

Best Greens Powder for Digestion

There’s interesting evidence that combining probiotic bacteria with prebiotic fiber helps to maximize both of their benefits for improving digestive health. That’s why Outlive 100 is our top pick in this category. 

Kaged Muscle Outlive 100

Part of Kaged Muscle’s 26-superfoods formula is geared toward digestion. It contains organic fiber as well as Activloe®, which is a purified aloe vera extract that has been shown to play a prebiotic role in the gut. There are also 100 milligrams of Actazin®, a cold-pressed kiwi powder also aimed towards easing digestion, and apple cider vinegar to potentially aid in metabolic health. 

Kaged Muscle Outlive 100
Kaged Muscle Outlive 100
Kaged Muscle Outlive 100

This greens powder contains 26 superfoods, and includes Activloe, which is aloe vera extract that can act as a prebiotic in the gut. You'll also find 100 milligrams of Actazin, which can ease digestion, and apple cider vinegar, which can potentially aid in metabolic health. 

Who Should Buy Kaged Muscle Outlive 100

  • People who have digestive issues and want a formula that may ease tummy trouble will appreciate the Activloe and Actazin in this formula. 
  • Anyone who wants a brand that lists all of the ingredients in their full doses will like the transparency of this label.
  • Folks who want a flavored greens powder — this product comes in Berry or Apple Cinnamon. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Kaged Muscle Outlive 100

  • People who don’t want carbs in their greens powder. This one contains 13 grams, which isn’t a lot, but it’s also not nothing. 
  • Folks who want more whole ingredients. While 26 ingredients is a lot, there are blends that have many more. 

With specific ingredients geared toward easing digestive issues, Kaged Muscle’s Outlive 100 may be your answer to a healthier and happier gut. 

Best Greens Powder Vegetable Blend

Many greens supplements are made from powdered vegetables that lack the nutrients that real vegetables contain, but Onnit is not one of those — this pick contains real, whole organic vegetables in each serving. 

Onnit Shroom Tech Greens 

Each packet of Onnit Shroom Tech Greens contains one serving of vegetables. And each serving of vegetables includes 14 kale leaves, four spinach leaves, and one broccoli floret. This is much more specific than many brands that just boast powdered vegetable blends, and don’t divulge exactly what and how much is in them. What’s better is these powders are sourced from whole organic vegetables.

This product also contains a mushroom blend, which can help provide energy during exercise. However, it’s worth noting that this powder is unflavored, which means it may not taste great in water, but you can add it to a smoothie or other flavored beverage virtually undetected. 

10% Off
Onnit Shroom Tech Greens
Onnit Shroom Tech Greens
Onnit Shroom Tech Greens

Each packet of Onnit Shroom Tech Greens contains one serving of vegetables. Each serving of vegetables includes 14 kale leaves, four spinach leaves, and one broccoli floret, as well as a mushroom blend.

Who Should Buy Onnit Shroom Tech Greens 

  • Customers who want organic whole vegetables in their greens supplement — this powder boasts 14 kale leaves, four spinach leaves, and one broccoli floret per serving. 
  • People who want to mix their greens into a smoothie without altering the flavor will appreciate that this powder is unflavored. 
  • Anyone who travels a lot will like that these greens come in small, transportable packets. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Onnit Shroom Tech Greens 

  • People who want a sweet flavored powder that tastes pleasant with water will want to look elsewhere as this formula is unflavored. 
  • Customers who are on a budget. This product is a little pricier than some others on our list, though it’s still not the most expensive option. 

Onnit’s formula is unique in that it contains whole vegetables and comes in easy-to-transport packets you can bring with you anywhere you go — you literally have no excuse not to eat your vegetables. 

Best Greens Powder for Fiber

Fiber can help with digestion and help you feel fuller for longer. This pick offers more fiber than what’s found in your standard greens powder. 

Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens 

In addition to four grams of fiber, which is four times more than some other brands, Transparent Labs also contains three grams each of spirulina, broken cell chlorella, acacia fiber, and green banana flour, plus a gram each of artichoke fiber and chicory root. These sea greens are extremely dense chlorophyll sources, which have helpful links to managing appetite and reducing body weight. (1)(2) The prebiotic fiber here may improve your gut microbiome, which may also help with weight management. What’s nice is this modest label is extremely transparent, and every ingredient is listed with the exact amounts.

10% off!
Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens
Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens
Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens

A simple but effectively-dosed supplement that emphasizes sea greens and prebiotic fiber, and contains other ingredients in full doses backed by science. Use the code BARBEND10 for 10% off!

Who Should Buy Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens

  • People who want a greens powder with more fiber to help with satiety. 
  • Folks who want to buy a greens powder that lists each ingredient in the full dose, as opposed to a blend.
  • Buyers who want a supplement with ingredients linked to improved digestion will appreciate the prebiotic fiber in this product.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens

  • If you’re looking for a bunch of micronutrients and adaptogens with your greens, this isn’t the product. Prebiotic Greens has a short, simple ingredients list that focuses on antioxidants and chlorophyll.
  • Folks who don’t mind blends may be able to find a cheaper alternative.

Transparent Labs offers up a short yet sweet ingredient list that is fully dosed and backed by lots of research (made available on their website). And, let’s not forget why we named it for this list — it contains more fiber than most other brands.

Best Organic Greens Powder

A lot of greens powders — including high quality picks on this list — use blends of fruits and vegetables. This pick goes a step further and uses whole vegetables and only organic ingredients. 

Onnit Shroom Tech Greens

Onnit’s greens separate themselves from the pack with their ingredients list filled with whole organic vegetables. With 14 kale leaves, four spinach leaves, and one broccoli floret per packet, you’re getting one full serving of organic veggies every time you sip your greens.

However, if you’re looking for a greens powder that contains more vitamins and minerals (which many other options on this list do), you’ll want to look elsewhere — outside of the vegetables, this greens supplement only contains a two-gram mushroom blend that may help with energy during exercise. If you have a hard time getting your vegetables in when you travel or just want something that’s small and easy to pack in a bag, these 100 percent organic veggie packets can be a great addition to your supplement regimen. 

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Onnit Shroom Tech Greens
Onnit Shroom Tech Greens
Onnit Shroom Tech Greens

Each packet of Onnit Shroom Tech Greens contains one serving of vegetables. Each serving of vegetables includes 14 kale leaves, four spinach leaves, and one broccoli floret, as well as a mushroom blend.

Who Should Buy Onnit Shroom Tech Greens

  • Anyone who values organic ingredients in their greens powder will appreciate that Onnit contains one serving of whole organic vegetables per packet. 
  • Folks who want a blend of mushrooms included in their greens to potentially help provide energy during exercise. 
  • Anyone who travels a lot and needs greens packets they can easily bring with them in a carry-on. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Onnit Shroom Tech Greens

  • Folks who want a flavored greens powder that will taste great mixed with water — this product is unflavored.
  • Those who want additional vitamins and minerals in their greens. While this product contains whole organic vegetables, it lacks the added vitamins that some other brands have. 

Onnit focuses on transparency with their greens powder, which contains 14 organic kale leaves, four organic spinach leaves, and one organic broccoli floret per packet. Plus, the mushroom blend can provide great support to those with an active lifestyle. 

Best Greens Powder with Spirulina

Spirulina is a common ingredient you’ll find in greens powders for its potential to help with cholesterol levels, inflammation, and blood pressure — this pick has an interesting ingredients list that includes a solid dose of spirulina. 

Legion Genesis Greens Powder

Legion’s formula is different from a lot of greens powders’ you’ll see on the market. While it contains some common ingredients, you won’t find your classic blend of probiotics, wheatgrass, barley, broccoli, and digestive enzymes. Instead, this formula focuses on energy, mood, and libido, with spirulina checking in at the highest-dosed ingredient on the list. In addition to 5g of spirulina, you’ll find 3g of reishi mushroom, 3g of astragalus membranaceus, 1.25g of dong quai root, and 1.5g of maca root extract. It comes in two flavors — Original and Acai Berry — both of which are naturally sweetened and flavored. 

Legion Genesis Greens Powder
Legion Genesis Greens Powder
Legion Genesis Greens Powder

This greens powder contains 5g of spirulina, 3g of reishi mushroom, 3g of astragalus membranaceus, 1.25g of dong quai root, and 1.5g of maca root extract. It comes in two flavors — Original and Acai Berry — which are both naturally sweetened and flavored.

Who Should Buy Legion Genesis Greens Powder

  • People who want a greens powder that includes a high dose of spirulina will like the 5g here.
  • If you’re looking for a greens powder that contains reishi mushroom (which may help with liver health), this supp has 3g per serving. 
  • Customers staying away from artificial ingredients will appreciate that this blend is naturally flavored and sweetened. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Legion Genesis Greens Powder

  • If you are looking for a classic blend of greens that contains different fruits and vegetables, you’ll want to look elsewhere. 
  • Anyone who wants probiotics or digestive enzymes included in their greens powder will not like this formulation. 

If you specifically want a greens powder that contains spirulina, Legion boasts 5g of spirulina on top of a variety of unique ingredients that, together, can help support energy, mood, and libido. 

Best Greens Powder with Protein

Many people opt to throw their greens or greens powders into a protein shake. This pick does the work for you by combining your greens and protein into one powder. 

Kylea Total Living Drink Greens

This whole foods blend combines 12 grams of protein and the nutritional equivalent of 7 to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables. It also contains 2,000mg of spirulina, which can help boost immunity, probiotics that can help promote digestion, and a B-complex that can help with absorption. It comes in a convenient ziplock bag that you can easily transport and store.

It’s worth noting though that since this blend contains such a wide array of ingredients (including added protein, which can potentially nix the need for a separate protein powder altogether), it’s one of the more expensive greens powders on this list. 

Kylea Total Living Drink Greens
Kylea Total Living Drink Greens
Kylea Total Living Drink Greens

These greens contain 12 grams of protein and the nutritional equivalent of 7 to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables, along with 2,000mg of spirulina, probiotics, and a B-complex.

Who Should Buy Kylea Total Living Drink Greens

  • Anyone who wants to combine their greens powder with their protein supplement — this product contains both. 
  • Those who want added spirulina may like the potential immunity boost from this supplement. 
  • Folks who like having probiotics in their greens supplement to help with digestion. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Kylea Total Living Drink Greens

  • Customers who want a cost effective greens powder may find this product to be a little too expensive. 
  • Those who aren’t looking for an added dose of protein with their greens.

While this greens powder is more expensive than some others on the market, this protein and greens blend can be a great investment if you’re already using separate protein and greens supplements.

Best Greens Powder for Antioxidants

If you’re looking for a greens powder blend that delivers antioxidants, you want a brand that measures antioxidant doses using the ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) scale.

ORAC-Energy Greens 

ORAC-Energy Greens has a score of 40,000 ORAC per serving — about 10 times what you find in a hundred grams of blueberries. Plus, it contains 42 ingredients: wheatgrass, alfalfa grass, a blend of seaweeds, and various adaptogens. Two more bonuses: It has a very mild taste, and it just costs a dollar per serving, which is much less than some other options on this list. 

ORAC-Energy Greens
ORAC-Energy Greens
ORAC-Energy Greens

One of the very few greens powders that actually measures its antioxidant content, this is a very transparent and effective greens drink.

Who Should Buy ORAC-Energy Greens

  • Those who prioritize antioxidants: ORAC-Energy Greens is one of the few greens powders to actually measure its antioxidant content, and it’s higher than you’ll get in several servings of blueberries.
  • People on a budget. At about a dollar a serving, this is a pretty inexpensive greens powder.
  • Those looking for some adaptogens with their antioxidants. This product includes eleuthero root, Rhodiola, holy basil, ashwagandha, and ginseng.

Who Shouldn’t Buy ORAC-Energy Greens

  • Customers who focus on digestive health: ORAC-Energy Greens isn’t especially high in probiotic bacteria.
  • People who want minerals in their supplements. There’s not much information on the nutrition label about their content.

Many greens powders contain ingredients high in antioxidants, but they don’t actually measure their potency in this regard. ORAC-Energy Greens is one of the few that use the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity scale, and so it got our top spot in this category. 

Best Greens Powder On the Go

Most greens powders come in large tubs or bags of 30+ servings that are difficult to bring with you when you travel — Onnit, however, comes in individual packets.

Onnit Shroom Tech Greens

Onnit Shroom Tech Greens makes traveling and getting your veggies in a breeze. These greens come in individual packets, each containing one serving of Shroom Tech Greens — this means you can quit scooping your greens into travel bags to bring with you, or skipping your greens altogether because it’s too much of a hassle to bring them along. Each serving of Shroom Tech Greens contains 2.6 grams of greens, including 14 whole kale leaves, four whole spinach leaves, and one whole broccoli floret per packet.

In addition, this product also contains a mushroom blend that can help with energy, but it doesn’t contain any other added vitamins and minerals, nor does it contain probiotics or digestive enzymes. However, if you’re always traveling and struggle to get your greens in on the go, Onnit can be a solid solution. 

10% Off
Onnit Shroom Tech Greens
Onnit Shroom Tech Greens
Onnit Shroom Tech Greens

Each packet of Onnit Shroom Tech Greens contains one serving of vegetables. Each serving of vegetables includes 14 kale leaves, four spinach leaves, and one broccoli floret, as well as a mushroom blend.

Who Should Buy Onnit Shroom Tech Greens

  • Frequent flyers who need a greens powder that comes in individual packets they can throw in their carry-on bag. 
  • Folks who value a greens powder that’s made from whole organic vegetables rather than blends of powdered vegetables. 
  • Athletes who want a greens powder that contains mushrooms that can help with energy during exercise. These greens contain two grams of an organic mushroom blend. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Onnit Shroom Tech Greens

  • Anyone looking for a flavored greens powder they can mix in water — this powder is unflavored, and tastes better mixed into flavored beverages or smoothies. 
  • Buyers on a budget — this greens powder is not the cheapest option on our list. 
  • Customers looking for a greens powder with additional vitamins and minerals will want to look elsewhere as this greens powder only contains vegetables and mushrooms. 

Onnit comes in individual packets that are easy to throw in a bag and bring with you when you are on the road. Plus, Onnit uses whole organic vegetables, and each packet contains one whole serving of them. 

What Are the Benefits of Greens Powders?

When greens supplements burst onto the scene in the mid-2000s, they were marketed as the evolution of multivitamins. They’re not just sources of vitamins and minerals, however. Greens powders often contain antioxidants, probiotic bacteria, digestive enzymes, and naturally-derived compounds that are linked to everything from better-functioning livers to improved mental clarity.

best greens powders
Momentum Fotograh/Shutterstock

But the biggest selling point is that those benefits come from naturally occurring foods. Usually, there are no isolated vitamins injected into the supplement — the nutrition comes entirely from whole foods taken straight from the ground, sea, or trees. 

“I love whole food sources as a means to get our nutrition and vitamins and minerals, so I like that a lot of the greens powders are derived from whole foods and plants,” says Gianna Masi, RDN, CISSN, CPT. “I really encourage everyone to pick one meal a day that’s non-negotiable to get vegetables in. That’s a great place to start consuming more. Then, to add more antioxidants and polyphenols you could have a greens powder. It’s so important to remember that while powders can be great insurance, it shouldn’t take the place of trying to increase your veggie consumption.”

As Masi implies, the base of greens powders is made from a combination of grasses (like wheatgrass and barley grass) and algae (like spirulina and chlorella). The rest of the ingredients could be vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, roots, herbs, leaves, stems, fiber, probiotic bacteria, digestive enzymes, and royal jelly. Compared to multivitamins, greens powders aim to harvest the benefits of whole food ingredients that can sometimes be excluded from a daily multi. 

Plants don’t just contain the isolated vitamins and minerals you might get in other supplements. They’re also a source of fiber, chlorophyll, and phytonutrients like indole-3-carbinol (which may help with estrogen balance), isothiocyanates (which may decrease inflammation), and glucosinolates (which may lower the risk of heart disease). 

However, one potential issue with greens powders is that they’re relatively new. There aren’t many studies that have been performed on their potential benefits, and there could be potential issues with ingesting such high levels of antioxidants at once, but more research is needed to determine if there’s a downside there. That said, a couple of small studies published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine found that green superfood products caused study participants to experience a significant reduction in hypertensive symptoms, like better blood pressure. (3)(4)

These ingredients sometimes result in a tremendous amount of nutrition that vastly exceeds what’s offered in a multivitamin. Some greens powders can substitute for antioxidant supplements, digestive health supplements, adaptogen supplements, and natural herb supplements like Rhodiola Rosea or milk thistle. When it comes to gut health, Masi suggests using a greens powder or a stand-alone probiotic. Otherwise, you risk digestive trouble. She also adds that greens powders or probiotics shouldn’t be considered a fix for gastrointestinal disturbances, and to always seek out a doctor if you have intense GI issues.

When to Take Greens Powders?

You can generally take a greens powder whenever it is right for you. However, some companies will recommend you take their greens powders in the morning on an empty stomach so that your body has the best opportunity to absorb all the nutrients before working to digest other foods.

Greens powders can be used the same way as a vitamin supplement, and therefore, they can be taken as you would take a daily vitamin. As with any vitamin, greens powders can show the best results if you take them regularly — so no matter when you choose to take your greens throughout the day, make sure it’s a time that you can maintain consistently. 

How Much Do Greens Powders Cost?

Greens powders fall into a wide range of prices. On the lower end, you’ll find greens powders that cost just 20 cents per serving. On the higher end of the range, you may find greens powders that cost over $3 per serving. 

Best Greens Powder Overall Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily $97.00

$3.23 per serving

Best Greens Powder for the Money Jacked Factory Green Surge $24.99

$0.83 per serving

Best Tasting Greens Powder Jacked Factory Green Surge $24.99

$0.83 per serving

Best Greens Powder for Energy Legion Genesis Greens Powder $49.99

$1.67 per serving

Best Greens Powder for Digestion Jacked Factory Green Surge $24.99

$0.83 per serving

Best Greens Powder Vegetable Blend Onnit Shroom Tech Greens $59.95

$2.00 per serving

Best Greens Powder for Fiber Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens $39.00

$1.30 per serving

Best Organic Greens Powder Onnit Shroom Tech Greens $59.95

$2.00 per serving

Best Greens Powder with Spirulina Legion Genesis Greens Powder $49.99

$1.67 per serving

Best Greens Powder with Protein Kylea Total Living Drink Greens $99.00

$3.30 per serving

Best Greens Powder for Antioxidants ORAC-Energy Greens $39.99

$0.67 per serving

Best Greens Powder On the Go Onnit Shroom Tech Greens $59.95

$2.00 per serving

The most basic greens — and generally less expensive powders — are typically a blend of vegetables without any added vitamins, minerals, or extra supplementation. The more expensive powders typically contain added vitamins and minerals (like a B-complex), additional supplementation (like protein and/or probiotics), and… they tend to include more ingredients to make them taste better. 

Overall, for pricing, be sure to consider the price per serving, rather than the price of the tub or bag itself, to evaluate how much you are getting for your money.

How We Decided the Best Greens Powders

To measure the different greens powders’ effectiveness on this list, we paid attention to the four areas below. 


green drink
Lukas Gojda/Shutterstock

Micronutrients in Greens Powders

We know that many feel the point of greens powders is that they offer more than a multivitamin. And many greens powders make claims such as “equal to four servings of vegetables” and “a great source of vitamins and minerals.” We feel that it’s important to gauge a product’s vitamin and mineral contents. It’s a surprisingly difficult task, as many greens products state that they’re full of everything the body needs while leaving most vitamins and minerals off of the nutrition label.

Even if a label claims a certain number of servings worth of vegetables, Masi says to not accept that as your daily veggie consumption. “I’m still going to encourage real food sources due to their bioavailability (how much of them are absorbed) and fiber content,” she says.

Antioxidant Content in Greens Powders

Perhaps the most common claim made about green superfood powders is how jam-packed they are with antioxidants. There’s no line for ‘antioxidant strength’ on a nutrition label. However, some methods of measuring a product’s antioxidants, like the ORAC score, let you measure the antioxidant content against, say, a cup of blueberries. Very few products do this, so we don’t notch them down too heavily if they don’t include their score, but it’s a big bonus when they do.

Adaptogens and Herbs in Greens Powders

A lot of the most exciting research in nutrition is on adaptogens, which are compounds that may alter the way the body responds to stress. One adaptogen that is often seen in greens powders is Rhodiola Rosea, which may improve focus and exercise performance. Reishi mushrooms, which have been linked to everything from subjective well-being to better immunity, is another. (5)(6)

Probiotics and Enzymes in Greens Powders

Maintaining a healthy population of gut bacteria — the trillions of little critters that live in your digestive tract and help you break down food — may tamp down inflammation, boost immunity, and positively impact your mood. Digestive enzymes and prebiotic fiber are also tied to a healthier gut and often find their way into greens powders as well. We look for these ingredients in our picks.

Greens Powders vs. Multivitamins

As we mentioned above, greens powders are supposed to be more complete and nutritious compared to a general multivitamin. Here’s the rub though: Greens powders are also A), considerably more expensive, and B) may not be absorbed as effectively. 

An article published by the Cambridge University Press asserts that plant-based diets can result in micronutrient deficiencies, but not just because a plant-based diet is naturally low in nutrients found in animal products (such as iron and magnesium). According to the article, plant-based diets are also associated with “poor micronutrient bioavailability,” meaning they’re not absorbed as efficiently. (8) While Johns Hopkins found multivitamins to not be an effective solution against heart disease, cancer, or mental decline, it also didn’t say anything against its absorption rate. 

While prices do vary based on brand, multivitamins are generally cheaper than greens powders. So, if you’re looking to simply take in extra vitamins and minerals, then a multivitamin may be both more cost-effective and better absorbed. That said, a greens powder contains more antioxidants and nutrients, as well as adaptogens and other possibly holistic herbs. Ultimately, the decision will come down to your preference and priorities. If you already eat a solid diet but want more nutrients, then the greens powder could be for you. 

Here’s the thing, though: Articles and studies on both multivitamins and greens powders say that nothing can replace a balanced diet that consists of raw (or cooked) greens and healthy whole foods. A plate of fresh broccoli is better for you (not to mention more filling) than a glass of dehydrated, ground-up greens. 

Here’s a summary since we threw a lot at you:

  • Talk to your doctor about what minerals and/or vitamins you need, because you may be better off taking a multivitamin over a greens powder.
  • Greens powders contain more antioxidants, nutrients, and herbs compared to a multivitamin. (Though, one article says that plants aren’t as bioavailable.) 
  • The best way to get more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, according to research, is a diet abundant with whole foods such as vegetables and fruits. 

What’s in Greens Powders?

Greens powders are notoriously robust, often containing nearly 75 different vitamins and minerals per serving. However, each brand takes a different approach to their formulation. While you’ll see a lot of different ingredients across the market, there are some big-hitters you’ll see in many of the top greens powders. 

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Prebiotic fiber and probiotics make for the golden combo when it comes to gut health. You’ll find prebiotic fiber in foods like legumes, beans, berries, and asparagus. Prebiotics are the fuel for probiotics, which are the good bacteria that line your gut. Greens powders often contain one or both of these ingredients to potentially help with digestion and gut health. (9)(10)


Spirulina is a blue-green algae that may boast antioxidant properties. It contains a high amount of vitamin B12, and it may also be helpful in balancing the gut microbiome, and boosting immunity. Spirulina is often a key ingredient customers search for in greens powders. (11)

Digestive Enzymes

Your body naturally produces digestive enzymes, which are proteins that can help you break down the food you eat. However, many greens powders contain an additional dose of these proteins to potentially help optimize gut health. (12)

Vegetables and Fruits

Most greens powders are made of powdered versions of — you guessed it — greens, like spinach, kale, chlorella, broccoli, and wheatgrass. Some even contain fruits like pineapple and apple. Though the powdered versions of these vegetables and fruits still contain plenty of nutrients, some of their nutritional benefits are lost in the powder processing. So, though nothing beats eating these foods fresh, greens powders can be helpful in adding nutrients on top of your daily salads, or in instances when you’re traveling and it’s hard to follow the same dietary regimen you do when you’re home.

What to Know Before Buying a Greens Powder

Before you click “order” on your new greens powder, consider these three points.

mad drinking green shake

Greens Powders Don’t Replace Vegetables

There are way too many green superfood drinks that advertise themselves as the equivalent of a serving of fruits and vegetables (or three). That’s not how it works. Fresh fruits and veggies contain far more ingredients and phytonutrients than you’ll find in an average scoop of greens, in addition to fiber and water. Eat your fruits and veggies.

Know Why You’re Buying

As you can see, greens powders can have many different focuses: antioxidants, digestive health, and adaptogens, to name a few. Do some research and know the strengths and weaknesses of your product before you commit.

Consult With Your Doctor

Always speak with your physician before undertaking a new supplement regimen.

Different Ways to Take Greens Powders

Don’t think you have to just mix greens powders into a glass of water and slam it (though you can). Here are a handful of creative ways to get in your greens (powder).

  • Mix them into your shake: If you’re the type of person who prefers a more elaborate protein shake, then you may want to consider tossing a greens powder into the mix. Assuming you add protein, some milk, and various fruits, you may not even taste the greens powder. Of course, you may be thinking, “What if I already add veggies to my shake?” Well, that’s great, but a greens powder may contain a more broad and varied ingredient profile than what you’re getting from just a handful of kale. You can cut the serving in half and add the powder if you’re concerned about veggie overload. 
  • Bake a frittata: A frittata — a dish that consists of eggs (and/or egg white), veggies, proteins, and cheese that’s baked in the oven — is a convenient grab-and-go meal, packed with protein. With all of those flavors intermingling, chances are you won’t notice two scoops of your greens powder thrown in for a nutrient boost. That said, it’s possible that baking the powder may kill off some of the nutrients (though, this isn’t confirmed). 
  • Make a pesto: The same logic applies to the above two suggestions. The next time you whip-up a pesto, a sauce that’s already green and earthy, try adding a scoop of greens powder to give it an even more earthy flavor and color. Then, go ahead and slather that onto chicken or beef, a hearty flatbread, or a salad.
  • Bake brownies: Ok, this isn’t the healthiest suggestion, but brownies present a strong chocolate flavor that can mask the greens. Also, you can try making protein brownies, where you can add whey protein powder to a brownie recipe for more protein. 

Final Word

Of all of the health and wellness supplements on the market, green superfood powders are among the newest — and they’re also among the toughest to scrutinize. We get it: Many of them make outlandish claims and barely try to support them with information on their nutrition label. But while you can’t “out supplement” a poor diet, many of the best greens powders may well confer benefits to some areas of your health. After digging through a lot of muck, we’ve uncovered some truly excellent supplements. We think you’ll be as impressed with them as we were.


What is a greens superfood powder?

A green superfood powder, also just called a greens powder, usually refers to a supplement that contains a base of antioxidant-rich algae or grasses, typically wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, and/or chlorella.

Usually a greens powder will also contain ingredients for digestive health (like probiotic bacteria), adaptogens (plants that can help improve stress levels), and/or added vitamins and minerals.

What are the benefits of greens superfood powders?

Greens powders typically contain ingredients high in antioxidants, which may slow certain aspects of aging. They may also improve nutrient absorption (especially when they contain probiotic bacteria, prebiotic fiber, and/or digestive enzymes), and help the body respond to stress (when they contain adaptogenic herbs or mushrooms).

Note that greens powders don’t usually contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, but there are plenty of exceptions — check the nutrition label for more.

Do greens powders detoxify my body?

No. The liver is what removes toxins from your body, and neither cleanses nor juices nor eating extra vegetables will detoxify your body.

However, some greens powders contain ingredients that support the body’s natural detoxification processes. The most notable and common example is milk thistle, a flowering herb that has been linked to liver health. (7) (It’s sometimes used to help treat hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.) Most greens powders contain milk thistle to support using the word “detox” on their label.

Can a greens supplement boost my immunity?

Many greens powders do contain ingredients that are linked to a healthier immune system. In particular, most are a source of antioxidants, which protect the body’s cells from free radicals, harmful molecules that may contribute to the risk of cancer. Therefore, it can be argued that antioxidants may reduce your risk of disease.

The same can be said of many nutrients that are often found in greens powders, like Vitamins A, C, E, B-6, zinc, selenium, iron, and copper. Any supplement that contains any amounts of any of these micronutrients could be said to potentially improve immunity.


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